Creating content with kaltura

Creating content with Kaltura

Once you have installed the Katura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder you are ready to start creating content.

Log into My Learning and Click on the small triangle button that appears beside your user image the top left-hand corner of the page. Click on the Dashboard link that appears in the drop down menu.

accessing dashboard image

On the next page you may need to click on the icon to open the menu on the left (A), and click on the My Media link (B) to access your Kaltura media library.

accessing my media image

Next, click on the Add New button and select Record a Presentation from the available options. 

navigating to recording mode image

The previously installed Kaltura CaptureSpace desktop capture application will automatically open on your desktop.

CaptureSpace recording options image

The Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder offers a range of recording options:

1. Presentations & Lectures: allows you to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation incorporating a webcam insert box. Click on this Presentations & Lectures link to view the how to guide.

2. Screen: allows you to capture anything you wish to demonstrate or share on your desktop live and with audio narration. Click on this Screen link to view the how to guide.

3. Screen and Webcam: allows you to share your screen and a webcam view (of you or others) live and with audio narration. Click on this Screen and Webcam link to view the how to guide.

4. Webcam: allows you to record your webcam with audio. Click on this Webcam link to view the how to guide.

5. Voice: allows you to record an audio only presentation. Click on this Voice link to view the how to guide. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 4:17 PM