002N100 Doctor of Business Administration

003B000 MPhil / PhD Biomedical Science

003B00P PhD Biomedical Science

003B300 MPhil / PhD Complementary Health

003B301 PhD Complementary Health

003B700 MPhil / PhD Nursing

003B70A MPhil / PhD Nursing

003B70B PhD Nursing

003B990 MPhil / PhD Nursing & Allied Health

003B992 PhD Nursing & Allied Health Professions

003C100 MPhil / PhD Biosciences

003C101 PhD Biosciences

003C10A PhD Biology

003C10B MPhil / PhD Biology

003C600 MPhil / PhD Sport Science

003C601 PhD Sport Science

003C801 MPhil / PhD Psychology

003C802 PhD Psychology

003F750 MPhil / PhD Earth, Marine & Environmental Sciences

003F751 PhD Earth, Marine & Environmental Sciences

003F75A MPhil / PhD Environmental & Public Health

003F75B PhD Environmental & Public Heath

003F75E MPhil / PhD Environmental Science

003F75P PhD Environmental Science

003F75R MPhil / PhD Risk

003F75S PhD Risk

003G503 PhD School of Science and Technology

003G504 MPhil / Phd School of Science and Technology

003H101 Doctor of Engineering

003I100 MPhil / PhD Computer Science

003I101 PhD Computer Science

003L101 MPhil / PhD Economics

003L102 PhD Economics

003L200 MPhil / PhD Politics

003L201 PhD Politics

003L301 MPhil / PhD Sociology

003L302 PhD Sociology

003L311 MPhil / PhD Criminology

003L31A PhD Criminology

003L400 MPhil / PhD Social Policy

003L401 PhD Social Policy

003L50A MPhil / PhD Social Work

003L50B PhD Social Work

003L992 PhD School of Health & Education

003L993 MPhil / PhD School of Health & Education

003M10A PHD School of Law

003M10B MPHIL / PHD School of Law

003M200 MPhil / PhD Law

003M20A PhD Law

003N002 MPhil / PhD MUBS

003N100 PhD MUBS

003N104 MPhil / PhD Management

003N105 PhD Management

003N150 MPhil / PhD Business

003N151 PhD Business

003N300 MPhil / PhD Accounting & Finance

003N301 PhD Accounting and Finance

003P200 MPhil / PhD Media Practices

003P201 PhD Media Practices

003P39W MPHIL / PHD School of Media & Performing Arts

003P3W9 PhD School of Media & Performing Arts

003Q301 MPhil / PhD English

003Q302 PhD English

003T930 MPhil / PhD Cultural Studies

003T931 PhD Cultural Studies

003V602 PhD Theology [LST]

003V610 PhD Theology[OCM]

003W301 MPhil / PhD Music

003W302 PhD Music

003W401 MPhil/ PhD Drama

003W402 PhD Drama

003W500 MPhil / PhD Dance

003W501 PhD Dance

003W900 MPhil / PhD Art & Design

003W901 PhD Art & Design

003W92W MPhil / PhD School of Art & Design

003W9W2 PHD School of Art and Design

003WH90 MPhil / PhD Design Engineering

003WH91 PhD Design Engineering

003X100 MPhil / PhD Education

003X101 PhD Education

003X302 PhD School of IWBL

003X30A Doctor of Education

003X31A MPhil / PhD Continuing Education

003X31B PhD Continuing Education

003X900 PhD by Public Works

003X902 Doctor of Science

003X903 DLitt (Doctor of Letters)

003X904 Doctor of Science (ST)

003X906 PhD Professional Studies [PDF]

003X90A PhD by Public Works (AD)

003X90B PhD by Public Works (BS)

003X90H PhD by Public Works (HE)

003X90L PhD by Public Works (LW)

003X90M PhD by Public Works (MP)

003X90S PhD by Public Works (ST)

003X90W PhD by Public Works (WBL)

003X910 MPhil / PhD Work Based Learning

003X91A PhD Work Based Learning

004B911 DProf (Health) by Public Works

004B912 DProf (Health)

004B914 DProf (Risk) by Public Works

004B915 DProf (Environment)

004B916 DProf (Risk)

004B941 DcPsych Counselling Psychology Conv [MET]

004C841 DcPsych Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy [MET]

004C845 DPsych Professional Studies [MET]

004C846 DPsych by Public Works [MET]

004C847 DPsych Existential Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy [NSP]

004C84A DCPsy Existential Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy [NSP]

004C84B DProf Existential Psychotherapy & Counselling [NSP]

004C84C DCPsych Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy [NSP]

004F911 DProf (Environment) by Public Works

004N100 DProf Practice (Subject)

004N101 DProf by Public Works (Subject) Practice

004N102 DProf (Subject) Practice

004N221 DProf Organisation Con [ASH]

004N222 DProf Organisational Change [ASH]

004T100 DProf Mandarin [IWB]

004W342 Doctor of Arts

004W34A Doctor of Arts (AD)

004W34M Doctor of Arts (MP)

004X300 DProf (Education)

004X902 Doctor Professional Studies

004X903 DProf by Public Works

004X904 DProf Work Based Learning Studies [SEA]

004X905 DProf by Public Works [SEA]

004X906 Doctor Professional Studies (PDF)

004X907 DProf by Public Works (PDF)

004X90A DProf Muslim Cultures [ICL]

004X90B Doctor Professional Studies [IWB]

005V61A Master of Theology [LST]

008B000 MPhil Biomedical Science

008B300 MPhil Complementary Health

008B700 MPhil Nursing

008B990 MPhil Nursing & Allied Health

008C100 MPhil Biosciences

008C10B MPhil Biology

008C600 MPhil Sport Science

008C800 MPhil Psychology

008F750 MPhil Earth, Marine & Environmental Science

008F75A MPhil Environment & Public Health

008F75E MPhil Environmental Science

008F75R MPhil Risk

008G501 MPhil School of Science & Technology

008I100 MPhil Computer Science

008L100 MPhil Economics

008L200 MPhil Politics

008L300 MPhil Sociology

008L311 MPhil Criminology

008L400 MPhil Social Policy

008L500 MPhil Social Work

008L992 MPhil School of Health & Education

008M10A MPhil School of Law

008M200 MPhil Law

008N100 MPhil Middlesex Business School

008N104 MPhil Management

008N150 MPhil Business

008N300 MPhil Accounting and Finance

008P200 MPhil Media Practices

008P3W9 MPhil School of Media & Performing Arts

008Q300 MPhil English

008T930 MPhil Cultural Studies

008V602 MPhil Theology [LST]

008V610 MPhil Theology [OCM]

008W300 MPhil Music

008W400 MPhil Drama

008W500 MPhil Dance

008W900 MPhil Art & Design

008W9W2 MPhil Sch of Art & Design

008WH90 MPhil Design Engineering

008X100 MPhil Education

008X301 MPhil Continuing Education

008X900 MPhil by Public Works

008X901 MPhil Work Based Learning

017B910 MProf Health

017B911 MProf Health by Public Works

017B913 MProf Risk

017B914 MProf Risk by Public Works

017B915 MProf Environment

017F911 MProf Environment by Public Works

017N101 MProf (Subject) Practice

017N102 MProf Business Practice

017X300 MProf (Education)

017X903 Master Professional Studies

017X906 MProf by Public Works

018Y001 MA by Research

018Y00A MA by Research (AD)

018Y00B MA by Research (BS)

018Y00H MA by Research (HE)

018Y00L MA by Research (LW)

018Y00M MA by Research (MP)

019Y000 MSc by Research

019Y00A MSc by Research (AD)

019Y00B MSc by Research (BS)

019Y00H MSc by Research (HE)

019Y00M MSc by Research (MP)

019Y00S MSc by Research (ST)

209G504 Visiting Scholar - ST

209L901 Visiting Scholar - HE

209M101 Visiting Scholar - LW

209N101 Visiting Scholar - MUBS

209W101 Visiting Scholar - MP

209W303 Visiting Scholar - AD

209X902 Visiting Scholar - School of Work Based Learning