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  • Runway to Leadership Launch

  • Adult Nursing Employability Conference

  • Nursing Associates join the NMC register

    An exciting day for the NHS as the first Nursing Associates across England join the NMC register.

    An exciting day for Middlesex University, to Marion Taylor as DOP, Georgie Cox as PL of the pilot cohort and for all the programme team to have shared this phenomenal journey of being one of the first HEIs to deliver this training programme across England.

    Hugely proud.

    See link her for at NMC Webiste below:

    • BodyWorks Student Visit

      An excellent exhibition now if there are any tutors interested I will send out details of a tutors afternoon/evening admission for tutors is free and you get a pass for year to return and visit. If you want to book in advance and take a group of students it’s a ratio of 1 tutor to every 10 students, students pay £20. Highly recommend it but take a fleece it’s a bit nippy in there!!

      BodyWorks image

      • Collaborative work between Business Partners results is Success

        UK Visas and Immigration Office requires all Universities holding Tier 4 Sponsor Licence to undertake a Basic Compliance Assessment (BCA) every 12 months to meet regulations to extend our sponsor licence validity and therefore our ability to recruit international students.

        Middlesex University submitted its BCA application in December 2018 and we are very pleased to announce that after careful evaluation by the Home Office our application has been successful.

        One of the key metrics in the BCA assessment is the management of the Visa Refusal Rate within the maximum set by UKVI being 10%. Middlesex University's current refusal rate for the period from December 2017 -2018 is now reduced to 1.63%, being the lowest refusal rate Middlesex University has ever had – an amazing achievement.

        This is a result of detailed collaborative teamwork from the Student Visa Compliance Team, International Student Advice Team, Admissions, Recruitment and Regional Offices working effectively with a continual focus on process development and improvement aimed at reducing risk in recruitment and ensuring satisfactory compliance.

        Student financial checks, credibility interviews, staff training, problem solving and knowledge sharing are just some of the key processes introduced and managed over last 3 years resulting in achieving this excellent outcome, ensuring that our international student population grows and continue to prosper at Middlesex University and that we reverse our positioning with the UKVI. The support of academic colleagues in complying with processes and supporting the work of the teams has also been of huge benefit – a truly collaborative effort.

        If you are interested to know more, you can find a variety of resources and information on international students’ compliance and advisory pages as well as guidance and requirements by following the link below:

        Visa support and international student advice