Where do I find my grades within My Learning?

If your tutor has enabled the gradebook in your course, My Learning makes it easy to see your grades through a customized report that will show you all currently graded assignments.

1.In the Navigation sidebar on the course's homepage, click Grades to navigate to your grade report.

2. You will see a table showing all of your currently released grades

In the upper-right, you'll notice a drop-down menu that lists two kinds of reports:


  • Overview report: Shows overall grades (like a report card) and links to each class's User report.
  • User report: Shows grades for just one class.  This report shows all graded assignments where your grades have been released to you as well as feedback from your instructor (in any). Remember, tutors can control when you see grades for specific assignments, so if you don't see all your grades they are probably hidden until your tutor opens them to you.


Please note: Not all tutors use the gradebook, and often lecturer will wait until the entire class has completed work before releasing grades.  Tutors may, or may not allow you to see a running total of your current standing in a course.

Last modified: Thursday, 9 November 2017, 4:13 PM