A student guide to submitting to Turnitin (new)

A student guide to submitting to Turnitin V2

Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention tool which is used worldwide in more than 8,500 educational institutions. It has been integrated into My Learning so that it can easily be set up within any module to allow students to submit their work online. The work is then checked against a database on the web, encyclopedias, books, newspapers, and other publications. Originality reports are produced showing the individual matches, highlighting improper citation and potential plagiarism.

Your tutor may invite you to submit your work to a Turnitin assignment in order to take advantage of the plagiarism detection and marking and feedback tools within the system. If your tutor has advised you to submit work to Turnitin there are several steps you will need to take do this:
1.    Log into MyUniHub
2.    From the My Learning block click on the link to the module containing the Turnitin assignment
3.    Click on the link to access the Turnitin assignment (your tutor will advise you on the Assignment location exactly)

Turnitin Assignments display with a distinctive icon. Below the link there may be instructions covering the details about the format size and instructions.

4. Once you have clicked on the link you will be taken to a page containing two tabs at the top centre. The page will open out in the Summary tab view. This includes details of the assignment title and a summary of the assignment.

The first section of the My Submissions page displays the details for that Assignment. Check:
•    the Title: have you reached the right Assignment?
•    the Summary: are there any instructions?
•    the Start Date: when the assignment opens?
•    the Due Date: the deadline.
•    the Post Date: when you can collect marks and feedback, if applicable - please note that in cases where this is set far in advance (to ensure that marks aren't released before the marking period is finished) staff will change it         after the marking period is complete.

5. If this is the first time you have used a Version 2 Turnitin assignment, you will be prompted to accept the Turnitin User Agreement.

6. To accept agreement please click on “I Agree and Continue”

7.Once you have agreed to terms and conditions please click on “Submit” paper again. This will open a new window:

       1.Please select submission type. Your tutor my allow you to copy and paste text in submission window or select the file.
       2.Enter submission tittle. Please use letters only- Turnitin does not accept any symbols within the title of the submission.
       3a. There are two options to select the file you can click on select file icon to select the file you wish to upload. This will open up a file browser allowing you to navigate to the file you want to submit. Once you have selected                 your file you will be taken back to the submission screen.

     3b. You can drag the files from your desktop file storage to dragging file area.

     4. Please  tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions

    5. Click "Add Submission" 

8. You will now be returned to the My Submissions page. 

You will now be able to view:

  • Your submission title along with a status notification that you have successfully submitted your work
  • The date and time at which you made the assignment submission
  • The progress of the generation of turnitin's Originality Report for your submission
  • The last two columns will subsequently display your grade for the submission and any comments your tutor has provided once the Post Date for the assignment has arrived.
  • You have the option to view and print your digital receipt 

Digital Receipt

Whenever you submit work to a Turnitin assignment you will automatically be sent a digital receipt to your university email account confirming that you have submitted this work.

The onus is on you to ensure you have submitted your assignment correctly and that you have received a Turnitin receipt for each submission you make to retain and produce as proof of submission on demand. You should also ensure that an Originality Report score has been generated - if your submission shows as "Pending" for more than 24 hours after a second or subsequent submission, then please resubmit again, before the deadline, and try saving your essay in a .doc file format for uploading.

Resubmitting work to a Turnitin Assignment

Your tutor may allow you to submit several drafts of your work up until the deadline for the assignment. If this is the case you can submit improved drafts of you work up until the due date in the following way:

1. Log back into you module and click on the Turnitin assignment link

2. Select the My Submissions tab to view the status of your submission

3. Please click "Submit Paper" and follow the same steps as when you submitted your coursework

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