Viewing and Printing Feedback from Turnitin

 View Feedback for your Turnitin Assignment

Log into UniHub.

Go to the module containing the Turnitin assignment  Click on the link to access the Turnitin assignment.

The Turnitin assignment link will look something like this:

The “My Submissions tab” will contain the submitted paper.

If the instructor used Feedback Studio to grade the paper, then once the Post Date is reached, you will see a blue pencil icon that will open the Feedback Studio window.

If a grade has been provided for your paper, it will also appear here.

Now click on the blue pencil to access your feedback.

In the above diagram,

1. your grade, if given will be shown here;

2. click to open bubble comments;

3. overall feedback on the paper;

4. view rubric or grading criteria if your teacher has used one;

5. Click on this Down arrow to print or save your paper and compiled feedback report.

To print feedback

Click on the Current View icon.

1. Make sure Save File is selected.

2. Click OK.

This will download a pdf file with the compiled feedback report at the end. This is a very useful thing to do; saving a copy of your Turnitin assignments with the feedback included helps you to build an inventory of your learning and feedback, on which you can later refer to, reflect, and act upon. This will help you develop as a learner and help you to review your progress.

Updated JK / 27.11.2017


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