How To View Assignment Feedback Documents


You can view your feedback when your tutor makes it available for viewing. Your tutor might withhold your feedback at their discretion, for example, while they are marking the whole class' submissions, and while they are reviewing or moderating grades and feedback. Your tutor will keep you informed of these processes and when you can expect to have your feedback delivered to you.

When your tutor offers you feedback which consists of more than just a grade, you may receive descriptive feedback in a variety of forms. One method may be for you to receive a Word or other format as an attachment. To receive this, you simply return to the assignment link and then click on the attached file, much in the same way as you receive email attachments.

Step 1 - Click on to the assignment link through which you originally made the submission

Your tutor may also leave you simple, text comments as feedback. Simply click on the blue triangle to open and view.

Updated JK 11.12.2014

Last modified: Thursday, 11 December 2014, 4:10 PM