Support Structure for Students Using My Learning

Full support specification in place for supporting students using My Learning.


Your course is owned and managed by your module leader. It may be supported in its design and development by:

  • members of the enrolled teaching team, which may include the programme leader, director of programmes, and tutors
  • administrative staff
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants / Graduate Academic Assistants
  • any other support personnel working in partnership with the module leader and teaching team.

Your online course content is designed and developed by your module leader so any issues of content, such as course lecture notes, Turnitin assignment drop-boxes, or online assessments, should be referred to them. You and your tutor(s) should communicate effectively on matters of online content and its availability.

If the content is correctly in place, you have effective communication with your tutors, and you find you have a problem with trying to do something on MyLearning, there are a number of support options in place to help you.

Support Documentation:

  • If you have a problem trying to do something on My Learning, the first place you can look for help is online, on the My Learning Essentials site. A link to this appears in the “How to find your modules” block in the left menu when you are logged in to My Learning. My Learning Essentials for Students is logically laid out so it should be quite easy to find an answer to your problem. My Learning Essentials is a growing resource which aims to address all the common problems most students encounter.

    My Learning Essentials:

  • If you are encountering the University’s computer systems for the first time or are returning to the university, there are a number of guides to help you access resources. MyUnihub is a single sign-on to most of the systems you will need. There is a range of support materials on the Portal Guides web page here:

First Line Support:

  • If you have not been able to resolve any issue you have with using My Learning using the online documentation, the University has a student facing support service which you can approach. UniHelp, located on the ground floor of the Sheppard Library, offers face to face, telephone, and web based support to all students.

    Unihelp website:

  • The University offers all students the opportunity to raise a query which, if it cannot be resolved immediately, a ticket can be opened on the University’s issue logging technology, called ProRetention. This allows your query to be logged and, if necessary, escalated to the correct team.

    Students can raise a ticket autonomously by visiting the Unihelp website and clicking on the Submit your Query link.

    ProRetention “submit your query” link:

Second Line Support:

If the first line support team cannot help you, your issue may be escalated to the Second Line support teams. Second Line support comprises two teams:

  • Library and IT Support, based in the Sheppard Library, also offer a range of support, including specialist IT support to students. Students in need of specific tutoring to learn how to use My Learning, can make an appointment with an IT Specialist and receive one to one support.
  •  e-Learning Team: This team does not directly support students, nor should you attempt to contact them. If your issue reaches the second line support team, they may make contact with you and consult and notify you on resolution of your issue.

Third Line Support:

If the second line support team cannot resolve your issue, it may be escalated by them to the Third Line support team. This team does not directly support students, nor should you attempt to contact them. This team will communicate with the second line support team until resolution of your issue, and if it is resolvable or otherwise, you will be notified by the second line support team.

The third line support team consists of two parties – an internal team, and an external provider.

This support structure aims to offer a comprehensive package to help you succeed in supporting your online study.

Last modified: Wednesday, 22 July 2015, 3:15 PM