Below you can find a variety of Resources which you can use when learning a language with LCexchange.

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Chinese new year International perspective

We created Worksheets which are great to use during your meetings. They offer a variety of subjects to talk about and some simple exercise you can use to enhance your learning. With free printing at MDX, you can always print them out before your meeting and bring them along.

We also looked at some useful websites which are specific to those who want to learn languages.


Worksheet 1

Basic introductions

Worksheet 2


Worksheet 3


Worksheet 4

Colors and seasons

Worksheet 5

Free time activities

Worksheet 6

Enjoying things and emotions

Worksheet 7


Worksheet 8

Conversation starters


Duolingo has a website and app to support language learning. This can be used in combination with your language partner
Coursera and furturelearn offers free online courses to support your language learning, with classes and online videos

Printable lists of lots of interesting topics you could use in your pair
Here you can download free language materials for courses in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and many other languages!
BBC languages have lots of useful resources, quizzes, and games.

100 top resources to learn:

Mandarin Chinese



Your first 625 (In Alphabetical Order)


 Coursera and Futurelearn are sites that offer online courses that can be used to supplement your language learning. You have to sign up and participate online, but its free! Below are some of the languages available, the start date and link.


Spanish Start date Link
Spanish for Beginners Anytime

Italian Start date Link
Italian for beginners Anytime
Chinese Start date Link
Chinese for beginners Anytime
Korean Start date Link
Korean  - First step Anytime
Korean - Learn to speak Anytime


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