Accessing My Learning

My Learning is the University's online learning environment. You can find lecture notes, seminar notes, programme and module handbooks, and other useful resources online. Depending on your programme you may also be able to submit your coursework online or undertake other forms of online assessment, such as quizzes, multiple choice questionnaires. Some courses also make use of online discussion forums and chatrooms. 

  1. Log on to myUniHub using your AD account details.  If you do not remember your password or do not know your login details please contact Unihelp

  2. Click on the 'My Study' tab and under the My Learning section, you will find links to your programme and/ or the modules you are studying.
  3. Clicking on the title of the module or programme will take you to a landing page in My Learning



Last modified: Thursday, 9 November 2017, 3:51 PM