Screen Recording with Kaltura CaptureSpace

Screen Recording with Kaltura CaptureSpace

You can record computer desktop activities (software tutorials, online resource guides.) using the Screen recording option in the CaptureSpace desktop application.

Log into My Learning and click on the My Media button in the left hand block. Next, click on the Add New button and select Record a Presentation from the drop-down menu.

screen recording navigating to kaltura image

The Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder will now open on your desktop.

Select the RECORD tab and click on the SCREEN option.

recording mode menu image

You will now see a Screen Capture Options pop up window. You can select from the following options:
Full Screen: Allows you to capture the full screen of the computer. Once this option is selected you click the Record button to begin your capture.
Select Area: When you click this option you will see a 'Select Area' button appear at the bottom of the window.

Screen Capture options image

Right-click, hold and drag the mouse to select the area you wish to capture within your recording:

click and drag image

You immediately see a countdown to the start of recording:

recording countdown image

when recording commences click on the Kaltura icon in your taskbar (windows)/dock (mac) to open up the recording control panel.

waking up the control panel image

This control panel displays information on the duration of the recording so far, a pause button, and a drawing tool that allows you to make marks upon the content you are presenting (which are captured within the final recording).

drawing tool image

Clicking on the drawing tool calls up a Tool bar containing drawing tool options.The drawing tools meu offers pen, line, arrow and shape tools to apply over the content being presented. You also have colour selection options for these tools. When you have finished with the drawing tools click the 'DONE' button to put away the draw menu.

done button image

The menu will now display a message telling you that it is saving the recording.

saving project image

A preview screen will now appear. You can review your recording and edit it if necessary using the tools within the edit toolbar to the left of the screen.

preview and edit screen image

These tools include:
Trim: Use this tool to remove video from either the start or the end of the recording (or both at the same time).
Chop: Use this tool to remove a section of video from within the recording.
Titles: You can add titles to the recording with this tool.
Credits: Use this to acknowledge and thank yourself for your diligent work on this recording. Alternatively, you could add attribution here for any content you have presented online or onscreen.

Click on the Done button to the bottom right of the screen when happy with your edits.

An upload options screen will now appear. In order to successfully upload your recording to your My Media library you will need to enter:
A Title
A Description
At least one Tag

upload options image

Clicking on the 'UPLOAD' button begins the upload process. A progress bar will show you how long the upload is estimated to take.

upload progress bar image

Once the upload is complete you will be presented with a screen claiming to offer a direct link to the project.
Do not click on this link as it will take you to the external Kaltura website and not to your recording.
Click on the 'CLOSE' button to quit the upload process.

You will now be able to find the recording in your 'My Media' library accessible from the Dashboard in My Learning.

Publishing your recording.

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