Screen & Webcam recordings with Kaltura CaptureSpace

Screen & Webcam recordings with Kaltura CaptureSpace

You can make screen recordings that include a live webcam view of either yourself as a presenter, or of anything you wish to place in front of an adjustable wecam attached to your computer.

Access My Learning, and then click on the My Media button in the left-hand menu block.

Click on the Add New button and select Record a Presentation from the drop down list.

screen and web kaltura navigation image

The Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder will open on your desktop.
Select SCREEN & WEBCAM from the RECORD tab options.

Selecting Screen & Webcam image

The next page offers you a choice between recording your entire computer screen or selecting a specific area within the screen.

Screen Capture options image

If you select Full Screen and then Record your recording will start after a five second countdown.
If you choose the 'Select Area' option and click on the 'Select Area' button you will be taken to a screen allowing you to do this.

click and drag for screen and web image

You will then get a five second countdown to the start of the recording.

rec countdown image

You will now see the screen complete with a live webcam view. You can move this webcam view around the screen for optimal positioning simply by right-click, hold and drag with your computer mouse.

dragging the webcam window around

To control the recording you will need to call up Recording controls menu bar.
To do this locate and click once on the Kaltura media icon which will be visible in either the Taskbar in Windows, or the Dock in mac OSX

waking up the controls image

Once this menu bar is available you have access to a range of drawing and highlighting tools to use in your recording.

web and screen drawing

Once you have clicked on the 'DONE' button in the tool menu bar you will be shown a Preview and Edit screen. The Preview screen allows you to review, edit and add titles and credits to your recording.
When you are happy with your recording click on the 'DONE' button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

preview and edit webcam and screen image

You will now see the Upload Options screen. Add entries into each field (Title, Description, and Tags) and then click on the 'UPLOAD' button to upload the recording to your My Media library.

webcam and screen upload options

An upload progress bar lets you know how long you have left for the upload to be completed.

web and screen progress bar image

Once the upload is complete you will see a screen claiming to offer a direct link to your recording.
Do not click on this link as it takes you to Kalturas external website and not your recording within your Media Gallery.

Link image

Click on the 'CLOSE' button to clear the screen.

You can now go to your My Media library and publish the new recording from there.

For instructions on how to publish/share your recordings please visit the following link:

Sharing and publishing your recordings


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