Downloading the CaptureSpace Kaltura desktop recorder

Downloading the CaptureSpace desktop recording application

In order to record material for Kaltura you will firstly need to download and install the dedicated CaptureSpace desktop recording application.
Please follow the instructions below to get the software.

Log into Unihub and then My Learning.

Click on the My Media button in the navigation bar.

capture space download image 1

On the My Media screen click on the Add new button (A) and select the Make a Recording option (B) from the drop down menu.

download capturespace image 2

You will be taken to a new screen with options to download the application for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Click on the button for the application version for your particular computer.

download capturespace image 3

Please follow the instruction screens to complete the download and install process.

Once it has downloaded, click on 'My Media' again, 'Add New', and 'Make a Recording.' You may be asked if you want to launch the desktop recorder, say yes, and you will be ready to start making a video.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 October 2017, 3:24 PM