Recording Presentations & Lectures with CaptureSpace

Recording Presentations & Lectures with CaptureSpace

The Presentations & Lectures option in the Kaltura CaptureSpace application allows you to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation.

Log into My Learning and click on the My Media button in the left hand menu column. Next, click on the Make New Recording button and select Record a Presentation from the available options.

recording presentations navigating to kaltura image

The kaltura CaptureSpace application will appear on your desktop. Click on the RECORD tab and select PRESENTATIONS & LECTURES from the available options.

presentations and lectures selection image

You will be taken to a screen with a range of options:

narrated powerpoint and webcam insert image

1. Camera: You can choose to capture your webcam alongside the presentation you are giving, along with the quality of the image. Alternatively you can choose to switch off the webcam.

2. Screen Capture: If you are running more than one computer monitor you will be able to select which one you want to use to capture the presentation, alongside the quality of the capture.

3. Presentation: Presentation mode always opens the last PowerPoint you captured. You can choose the PowerPoint presentation you wish to use with the 'Browse' button to the top right-hand corner of the box.

4. Sound: This option setting allows you to select the microphone you wish to use for your narration (you may decide to use an external microphone if you prefer).

5. Record: When you are happy with your settings click on the 'Record' button at the bottom right-hand corner of the window to begin the screen recording process.

presentation countdown screen image

You will be given a 5 second countdown to the start of the recording.

Once the recording begins you will see a familiar Powerpoint presentation screen.

control and pen button menu image

During recording you can move forward through the slides using the keyboard arrows and spacebar as per normal presentation actions.
Alternatively you can use the Kaltura menu bar that appears at the bottom left-hand corner of the presentation screen when you hover your computer mouse over it.

This menu also contains a pen tool that you can use to create marks upon the presentation slides.

To select the pen tool click on the pen menu icon and select 'Pen' from the drop down list that appears. Left click and hold the mouse button to draw upon your slides.

Selecting and using pen tool image

Once the recording has started click on the Kaltura icon in the taskbar (windows) or dock (mac) to open up the recording control panel.

opening the control panel in presentations image

The control panel displays the duration of the recording so far. The panel also contains a pause button to allow you to take a break without ending the recording, and a cancel button to allow you to end the process without saving.
When you have reached the end of the recording click on the 'Done' button.

Pause and done buttons image

You will now be presented with a Preview of your completed recording. Clicking on the 'Play' button previews the recording.

The preview screen also provides you with a simple editing tools should you wish to remove content at either end, or at any point within the presentation.
N.B. These edit tools are very basic and offer little precision beyond 'topping and tailing' the presentation, and it may be easier to practice your presentation ahead of recording to avoid the necessity of editing post recording.

Click on the 'Done' icon when you are ready to save/publish your recording.

preview edit and save screen image

The 'Upload Options' screen now appears. You must provide a title, description and at least one text Tag in the appropriate fields before you can upload the presentation.

upload options screen image

Click on the 'Upload' button to upload the recording to your Kaltura 'My Media' space.

Upload progress bar image

The screen will show the progress of your upload. Please keep this window open until the upload has completed.

Media ready screen image

Once the upload has completed a new screen appears confirming that the upload is complete.
N.B. The screen will display a weblink claiming to lead to your published file. Do not click on this link as it will send you to an external Kaltura location and not to your recording.

Your recording will now be available within your My Media space within My Learning and ready for you to publish within any of the My Learning modules you have access to.

For information on how to publish your Kaltura recordings please visit the following instructional guide:

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