About LCExchange

What is the ‘Language and Culture Exchange’?     

The Language and Culture Exchange (LCExchange) is based on the idea of connecting two people who speak different languages so that they can learn from one another.
For example, a French student who wants to learn English will be paired up with an English speaking student who wants to learn French. The exchange will occur through friendly conversation (either face to face or online) in a relaxed atmosphere.

The focus is not only on learning the language but also understand the customs and traditions of that country. Learning happens through doing, so the idea of the LCExchange is to practice the language whenever you can and to meet with your partner as often as possible. What better way to learn a new language (or practice an existing one) in an informal and fun way!
It’s a fantastic way to learn or improve your language skills whilst meeting new people and improving your employability. Best of all its free to Middlesex students.

How will I benefit?
  • You'll learn the basics of a new language or practice another language you speak
  • You'll have fun meeting new friends and developing your professional network
  • You'll learn more about different cultures and ways of thinking
  • It’ll allow you to share your experiences and build confidence
  • It’ll improve your career prospects and demonstrates that you are open to new experiences and people
  • It’s flexible - you learn at your own pace, when it’s suitable for you and for however long you need
  • You'll gain a certificate of engagement

How does it work?
  1. You fill out the Language and Culture Exchange registration form
  2. The LCExchange team will match you with your language partner (considering your preferences, where possible)
  3. You will make contact with your language partner or simply meet them during one of our events
  4. You can then start learning your desired language and help your language partner learn yours

Remember, as a pair you are in control of how the partnership will work. From how often you meet up, to the topics you wish to cover and how long the partnership will last. All of these elements will be negotiated between you both to see how you can best learn from one another and make the Language and Culture Exchange work for you.

What support will I get?
  • We will match you with your language partner
  • We have a dedicated team of people you can contact for support and advice 
  • You will also have access to the Language and Culture Exchange social events that we organise
  • You will have access to an online space on MyLearning with a range of materials, resources, and suggestions on managing the partnership and sample topics to cover during your meetings


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