LCExchange Certificate of Engagement

As part of your participation in the Language and Culture Exchange we are offering you an opportunity to gain a Certificate of Engagement. This will confirm that you’ve engaged in co-curricular activities during your time at Middlesex and were able to acquire valuable transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, cultural-awareness, time management, organisational skills and interpersonal skills. These are highly valued by potential employers and will be useful in both professional and personal life. The certificate can serve as a powerful tool to demonstrate your initiative and commitment to personal development and improve your employment prospects.

Collect your Points of Engagement in four different ways listed below. Try to take advantage of the different opportunities offered so that you can gain the most from this experience. Each activity has one point attached to it, remember you can mix and match. You can only claim your point if you follow the instructions below.

Four different ways of collecting your points of engagement:

1. Meeting with your Language Partner and filling in the Reflective blog
You are required to meet for a minimum of 1 hour and fill in the Reflective blog.

2. Attending one of our social events and filling in the Reflective blog
You are required to sign up for one of our social events using EventBrite. Tell us during the event that you want to claim your point of engagement, so that we can note it on the register. You will also need to fill in the event Reflective blog.

3. Creating online content specific to your culture and filling in the Reflective blog
You can create an information sheet about your language and culture using a template provided by the LCExchange team. This will help us archive information about different cultures and languages, covering areas such as language origins, customs and traditions, food or famous places etc. Contact the for guidance and further details.

4. Helping the LCExchange team  organise one of the social events
You can help in the preparation and running of the activities for one of our social events. For
example, by preparing activities specific to your language, helping others learn basic words,
serving as a language expert and helping others with pronunciation or reading skills.
You will need to let us know soon if you would like to collect your point this way, so we can
allocate you to one of the events. Note, it may not always be possible straight away and you may be added to the waiting list. Let us know soon if you want to collect your points this way.

Click here to read the full document with instructions. 


1. Think about and choose the way you will collect your six Engagement Points from the four different options available. You can mix and match them.

2. Write a reflective blog for each activity/event and submit it via the Blog in My Learning

3. After submitting three entries email so we can verify your progress and provide feedback.

4. Once you complete all six, inform the LCExchange team and wait for your certificate.

You can find more details about how to apply for your Certificate of Engagement here.


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